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10 Best Baby Walking Shoes (for Infants and Toddlers)

Last Updated: Nov 9, 2020 @ 4:32 am

Before we get you engaged on the 10 best baby walking shoes, let’s talk baby feet! Baby’s feet are so precious to help baby take the first steps in life. Parents usually pay great attention to their baby’s feet, knowing how important they are in a baby’s growth.


Let’s get to know baby feet before we show you the best recommendations. At six months of age, your baby’s foot is still mostly cartilage. Some parts of the bone start to form between 9 -18 months, and most of the bones are formed or fused by 18 years old.


It is important to allow your baby to move or kick freely. As it helps the development of their lower body, it is essential when they start walking. Children usually attempt to walk between 11 and 20 months of age. If your baby has not started walking within that time, there is no need to panic as there are consultants and therapists to advise you on that. 


It is always a delight to parents when their children begin to take the first steps. Therefore, that is the perfect time to get walking shoes to protect their feet. It is true that allowing your baby to walk barefoot or with softer shoes helps to develop their movement, but we must also keep safety and feet protection as the priority


In this article, we will share all the information you need to know about the best baby walking shoes for infants and toddlers. The article includes ten top-rated baby walking shoes with their reviews. We will go through options out there considering the availability, comfort, fashion, durability and others. 






SAWIMLGY US Infant Adjustable Slippers

SAWIMLGY US Infant Adjustable Slippers

  • Different selections of about 29 colors and styles
  • Adjustable straps
  • Machine-washable

Check on Amazon


BIRDROCK Baby Moccasins

BIRDROCK Baby Moccasins

  •  Top-quality leather guaranteed
  • 36 attractive styles to choose from  
  • Lifetime warranty

Check on Amazon


Stride Rite Kellen

Stride Rite Kellen

  • Easy adjustment
  • Anti-microbial treatment
  • Breathable mesh lining

Check on Amazon


PUMA Unisex Child Suede

Puma Unisex Child Suede

  • Textile lining
  • Features hook-and-loop closure
  • Removable insole

Check on Amazon


BIRDROCK Lightweight Organic Cotton Baby Booties

BirdRock Baby Lightweight Organic Cotton Baby Booties

  • 10 adorable styles available (0 to toddler 2.5)
  • Every purchase supports a child in need through donation
  • The three-snap closure allows the shoes to stay on

Check on Amazon


Pediped Lionel

Pediped Lionel Bootie

  • Breathable leather lining
  • Quality leather
  • Double Velcro strap

Check on Amazon


See Kai Run Russell

See Kai Run Russell

  • Wide toe box
  • Double Velcro closure
  • Synthetic sole

Check on Amazon


Bukubee Baby Zip-on Leather Baby Shoes

Bukubee Baby Zip-on Leather Baby Shoes

  • Premium leather exteriors
  • Soft leather soles
  • Easy zipper feature

Check on Amazon


Livie and Luca Molly Flats

Livie and Luca Molly

  • Breathable upper leather
  • Attractive bunny design
  • Padded collar

Check on Amazon


SCOWAY Cartoon Animal Baby Slippers

SCOWAY Cartoon Animal Baby Slippers

  • Gender-neutral shoe designs
  • Skid-proof material
  • Features 7 cute animal designs

Check on Amazon


Watching your baby take the first few steps is always an exciting moment for you and the baby. Now, it’s time to consider buying the first pair of walking shoes for her. As you know, there are hundreds of baby walking shoes out there. How then can you find the best shoe for your new walker? 

Be rest assured, because we have what you need.

Before we talk about the best baby walking shoes, let us help you identify the right factors to consider, and some frequently asked questions when it comes to choosing the right walking shoes for your baby. 

So here, we would briefly talk about the recommendations from the American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP), and the popular soft-sole baby shoe brands. 

The American Academy of Paediatrics (AAP) Recommendations 

The AAP has developed some recommendations for you to find the best shoes for your babies. According to them, you do not need a shoe to help your baby walk because children learn how to walk by gripping their toes on the ground. 

The best shoes for learning how to walk are the ones that allow them to move their feet naturally as if they are walking barefooted. According to the AAP, there are three specific tips to follow when shopping for your new baby shoe. 

Let’s look at them together:

  1. Baby shoes should be made of breathable materials which allows good air ventilation as babies’ feet sweat 2x more than adults.
  2. Baby shoes should be made of flexible and light-weighted materials which allow for natural foot movement.
  3. The soles should be made of rubber for traction which helps to prevent slipping during movements which require grip.

The Popular Soft-Sole Shoe Brands for Babies

As mentioned earlier, soft-sole shoes are preferred by many parents. Here are some of the popular brands that are into soft-sole shoes for crawlers and pre-walkers. 




New Balance

Nina Kids





Stride Rite Prewalkers

Preschoolians Crawlers

Jack & Lily Soft Leather Baby Shoes

IsaBooties Soft-Soled Shoes

We believe that some of these brands sound familiar to you.

We have listed the popular baby walking shoe brands generally, but we would help segment them below for those who want to be more specific in their selection.

Popular Styles for Baby Girl Shoes:

Mary Janes


Slip-on pre-walking sneakers

Sneakers with lace, Velcro or snaps  

Popular Styles for Baby Boy Shoes:

Slip-on pre-walking shoes (high-tops. sneakers)

Boots (Lumberjack, cowboy and lace-up cold weather boots)

Walking Laced Sneakers 

Factors to Consider Before Buying your Baby Walking Shoes 

The first thing you need to know is that you don’t have to wait until your child is walking around before you start making plans to buy one. Well, better prepared than not.

Once you are ready to make the purchase, just like choosing baby clothes, you need to consider some factors like price, comfort, style, durability, and lots more. Most importantly, your goal is to cover your baby’s feet with comfortable yet safe walking shoes.

Shoe Material

One of the biggest concerns include cold weathers, where your baby’s little feet need thermal protection to withstand the temperature. Feet socks or soft natural fiber shoes are good options to keep their toes warm, as their feet are more sensitive to temperature.

The next important point is to get soft, skid-resistant soles to aid with delicate, yet ready-to-explore feet. Rubber, anti-slip pads, and dotted grip pads are examples of sole features that reduce chances of slipping. 


It is only natural to consider the size of the shoe. Since your babies cannot tell you when the shoe becomes uncomfortable, so you need to pay attention to them always. An ill-fitting shoe may cause various feet problems, most commonly blisters, abrasion, and deformity.

It is recommended that your baby’s leg fits perfectly into the shoe; not too big or small.


Your baby walking shoes should be properly padded around the ankle, back of heel, and inner areas of the shoe because you will want to minimize rubbing and to provide for maximum comfort. You can consider socks for your baby to obtain a better fit and padding. 


As your babies grow bigger, they start ‘deciding’ what footwear is comfortable for them or not. That being said, there are high chances that they pull the shoes off halfway walking or playing. You might consider getting soft shoes with strong closures so they can’t pull the shoes off. Babies who are ready to attempt walking would need shoes that prevent slipping and falling. 

The presence of shoelaces, velcro, and snaps on baby shoes makes them adjustable, so infants and toddlers get the optimal fit. There are also elastic bands to allow stretch out while putting on the shoes, and shortens back once baby feet is in. Either way, the shoe should neither be too tight that it presses into the skin, nor too loose that the baby can kick off.

Important Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Baby Walking Shoe

We are still helping you sort through the available options. Have a look at some of the questions which parents ask frequently when searching for the best walking baby shoes. 

What can I do if my baby’s shoes keep coming off? 

It is common for infants and toddlers to kick off their shoes. This is unavoidable but here is what we recommend you do:

Firstly, make sure the baby shoe fits properly. If the shoe discomforts your baby in any way, your baby will always attempt to kick it off.

Secondly, buy adjustable shoes. Laces, velcro, and snaps shoes can be adjusted to make the feet feel fitting.

Lastly, be experimental to test different styles to know the ideal shoes for your baby. Try to note which pair your baby keeps on the longest. It is an indication to their level of comfort to that specific pair and you will want to stick to that pair until your baby outgrows it.

If you plan to train your baby to tie their own shoelaces earlier, you might consider introducing laced shoes instead of sandals and crocs.

How do I know the best baby shoe size? 

We recommend that you use the baby shoe size chart. The chart can help you to determine your baby’s shoe size using their age:

  • 0-3 months      : Size 1
  • 3-6 months      : Size 2
  • 6-9 months      : Size 2.5, 3
  • 9-12 months    : Size 3.5, 4
  • 12-18 months  : Size 4.5, 5
  • 18-24 months  : Size 5.5, 6

Due to the rapid growth in the size of your baby’s feet, you need to regularly check the feet size. A good guide would be to check ONCE EVERY:

  • 3 months for ages 0-3
  • 4 months for ages 3-5
  • 6 months up for ages 5-6

If it is difficult to keep that schedule in mind, it is always safe to check the fit once a month. If you are physically measuring the shoe fit, the recommended guide is that there should be a finger’s space between the top of the shoe to your child’s big toe. Normally, you can do that by pressing in the top of the shoe to feel the available empty space. Remember to be gentle though, as your baby’s toes maybe right in there.

In instances where you must choose between a loose-fitting or tight-fitting pair, go for the loose one. It is better to have no shoes than to have shoes which are too tight.

When should I get walking shoes for my baby?

We recommend that you prepare ahead and not wait until your baby starts walking. Your baby will need a walking shoe once he/she starts attempting to walk to protect the feet from objects or substances that might cause injury. 

It is cool to buy a walking shoe for your baby at any age, you just need to make sure you don’t keep the shoes on too long past its period.

How do I choose the perfect design for my baby?

We have made a list of the best baby shoes you may find. Go ahead and check through our selected 10 Best Walking Shoes for infants and toddlers and select the one that suits your baby’s needs.

What are the benefits of getting baby walking shoes?

Feet protection is important and necessary. A good pair of walking shoes for your baby protects their feet from substances that can cause injury as they start exploring the ground. Baby shoes are especially helpful when going for a walk in the playground or shopping mall. It may not be a good idea to walk in socks regularly as socks can be slippery, increasing the risk of a fall.

Another reason is that you would want to wean your baby off socks and start letting him or her get used to soles that are more solid. As for your baby’s healthy physical growth and development, children are naturally attracted to colors and shapes, so getting shoes with such features will further encourage your baby to walk around and develop new senses.


The Sawimlgy Infant Adjustable Slippers are adorable, affordable, snug, and convenient. These baby walking shoes are available in different colors, styles, and sizes. They have sizes that are suitable for the range of 0 to 18 months. 

The baby shoe comes with adorable animal designs like dog, kitten, bear, deer, panda, fox, elephants, and other attractive designs without animal faces. The majority of the Sawimgly designs have knitted surfaces while others come with a fuzzy fleece surface. 

A greater percentage of the Sawimgly design features a Velcro strap closure. This feature allows the parents to adjust the shoe to the exact size of the baby’s foot which is helpful for new walkers. Apart from the Velcro strap closure, the rest of the baby shoe has an elastic band closure that surrounds the baby’s ankles. This feature allows for easy putting on and removal of the shoe. 

Here is a look at some of the features we love:

All the designs have a gripping rubber-dotted bottom surface which helps to minimize the possibilities of slipping and sliding as your baby works around. Aside from that, the shoe also comes with a cozy lining which helps to keep your baby’s feet warm. 

The Sawimgly Infant adjustable slippers are machine washable, and their shape is retainable even after multiple times of laundry, so you do not have to worry about washing them manually. Many parents agree with the quality of these baby shoes and you can see some of their reviews on the product page. 

The Sawimgly shoes are worth the price compared to other walking shoes in the same category. Some parents have noted that the Sawimgly Infant adjustable slippers sizes are of smaller fit, so we would recommend that you consider these size variations when ordering.


  • Different selections of about 29 colors and styles 
  • Adjustable Straps 
  • Machine Washable 


  • Faster to put on but less secure 

BOTTOM LINE: If you want to keep your baby’s feet warm, you can never go wrong with the Sawimgly walking shoes. These baby shoes are perfect for early walkers and thanks to its cozy lining which serves the purpose of keeping the feet warm.

This is one of the classic & best walking shoes you can get for your baby. Thanks to the manufacturer’s creativity and commitment to quality designs, the Birdrock baby moccasins are sturdier and are crafted from high-quality leather materials. This material helps the product to retain their shape over a long time and makes it easy to wipe dirt away.

You will surely get what you want from this manufacturer because there are 36 selections you can select from. Some of the choices include solid colors that easily match with other outfits, eye-popping patterns like leopard print, and American flag designs. 

Have a closer look at some of the features:


The baby walking shoe has an elastic band for closure which prevents it from slipping off when walking or crawling. The shoe is offered in six sizes, from 2 months (M) up to 9.5 months (M). They are the best for older babies and toddlers, as they are sturdy enough to withstand wear. 


The Birdrock baby moccasins are one of the pricier shoes on our best baby walking shoes list, justifying its great value in terms of style and quality. You have nothing to lose, only to gain. 




Let us bring to your notice that the company supports starving children with your purchase through a non-profit partner, Feed My Starving Children so your purchases here go a long way to help someone.


  • Top-quality leather guaranteed 

  • 36 attractive styles to choose from

  • Lifetime warranty


  • Not available in small sizes

BOTTOM LINE: The Birdrock baby moccasins includes every feature you need in a baby walking shoe. The company offers a lifetime warranty because they are 100% certain of the quality of their moccasins; so if at any time you are not satisfied with the performance of the shoe, you can always return for a replacement or complete refund. 

Stride Rite has been the leading manufacturer of children’s footwear for almost a century. They also received the American Podiatric Medical Association Seal of Acceptance. This is a brand that puts the end-users (your babies) in mind when creating their products. 


Let’s get to see some of the features:


The Stride Rite promotes stability and balance which helps to reduce the possibilities of falls. This shoe is one of the best shoes for learning how to walk because it comes with a flexible sole that mimics the natural foot movement of your baby. 


Stride Rite reduces the stress you go through in dressing your baby. It comes with extra-large openings which makes it easy to wear the shoe for your baby. The sole of the shoe promotes balance and a good walking pace. 


The walking shoe design is durable and can be easily cleaned so you do not have to worry too much about that. Stride Rite is a reliable and trusted company, so be assured of great quality. Your baby will get 100% value for your money. 



  • Easy adjustment 
  • Anti-microbial treatment 
  • Breathable mesh lining

CONS: The shoe can be expensive for those with a lower budget


BOTTOM LINE: If you want to keep your baby comfortable and in-motion, then we would recommend that you go for the Stride Rite walking shoe because of its outstanding features.

Puma is a well-known sporty shoe brand for adults, and now they also cater to infants and children. The Puma Suede is perfect for your infant’s first steps, besides being an iconic fashion statement for both the child and caregiver. Also, the Puma Suede allows for natural walking motions, provides support and cushioning.

Considering this shoe? Check some of the amazing features below:

Having several simple color options is a feature you would love to consider before you make the purchase. The product also has extended sizes, which allows them to be worn by older kids.

We all want some fresh airflow to our feet. The upper part of the shoe is made with perforated suede and a textile lining that provides airflow and insulation.

The Puma Suede comes with a closure which includes two hook and loop straps that make it easy to wear and pull off. The shoe also comes with a removable child-fit insole that offers your baby all-day comfort. The child-fit insole can be replaced with orthotics if your kid needs a higher level of support.

The shoe surely has some features that are meant to make your baby’s life easier. They are worth the extra bucks you put in compared to other baby walking shoes in their category.


  • Textile Lining
  • Features Hook and Loop Closure
  • Removable Insole


  • Color may be inaccurate due to material

BOTTOM LINE: It may just be the right step to invest in a pair of high quality and well-designed puma unisex-child suede shoes for your early walker. The shoe also comes with extended sizes that allow them to be worn by older kids.

The BirdRock Baby Lightweight Organic Baby Booties is made to be natural. The shoe is extremely cute, organic, and affordable. They are a perfect choice for parents who wants fashionable yet sophisticated design. The baby shoe features some of the most attractive designs we have ever seen. 

The baby shoe has different patterns and designs that would be appropriate for male or female wardrobe. Some of the choices are strawberry, surfboard, truck, bandit, flamingo, and cactus.

The BirdRock Baby Shoe’s fabric is made of lightweight organic cotton which allows your baby’s feet to breathe. The BirdRock Baby Lightweight Organic Baby Booties is a great choice for Spring or Summer.

Sounds cool right? 

Have a look at more features:

The sole features a rubber texture pattern that allows early walkers to stand and move around without slipping or sliding. In addition to this, the BirdRock baby shoe features a closure that has three (3) snaps. This gives you confidence that your playful babies would not be able to take them off or misplace them anytime. 

One of the unique selling points is its brand reputation. The San Diego-based BirdRock company is a family-owned brand well known for its great customer service. It might also interest you to know that the company donates for every baby shoe you purchase. They dedicate a certain percentage to feed and help starving kids.


  • 10 adorable styles available (0 to toddler 2.5)
  • Every purchase supports a child in need through Donation
  • The three-snap closure allows the shoes to stay on.


  • Not warm enough for colder seasons 

BOTTOM LINE: A fantastic option for parents looking for attractive and unique designs. It’s a good gift for newborns and new mothers. You can trust the shoe to keep their softness and shape even after multiple times of washings.

The Pediped Lionel is loved for its genuine leather material. They are one of the top 10 walking shoe brands for infants and toddlers. The company also has the stamp of approval from the American Podiatric Medical Association for credibility and promoting healthy foot development for babies which many other producers cannot boast about. 

If you are looking at purchasing a product made in the USA, you can opt-in for this baby walking shoe. The Pediped Lionel comes in three colors and is a perfect unisex walking shoe for your babies. 

There is a lot more to this baby walking shoe; let’s get to it!!

The Pediped Lionel baby walking shoes have a breathable leather lining covered with a non-toxic genuine leather top. The walking shoe is constructed in a way that supports your baby’s feet from all sides.

This brand did a wonderful work; there is a double velcro closure which makes adjustment and customization easier. Furthermore, when you purchase the product, it comes with an original diamond leather tread which makes the shoe slip-resistant, so you do not have to worry about your baby skidding or slipping.  

Pediped Lionel delivers the best designs that are created to help your baby perfect their first steps on earth. Why not give it a try?


  • Breathable leather lining
  • Quality Leather 
  • Double Velcro Strap


  • Sizes are of smaller fit

BOTTOM LINE: If the features above sound like something you want in a baby walking shoe, don’t hesitate to get one now. These shoes are doctor-approved and are perfect for starters.

The See Kai Run Russell is a children’s footwear brand that is well known for its roomy toe box and comfortability. The shoe is a perfect fit for babies that are ready for a more ruffed shoe instead of a soft sole. 

The shoe is well constructed; this makes it easy to put on and pull off and your babies can even do it themselves. The See Kai Run is perfect for older babies that are graduating from flexible to harder sole designs. 

Does that interest you? Let’s see more.

The footwear brand found a perfect way to combine breathability and ease of use. The materials are made from textile and synthetic materials.

These shoes are specially designed to withstand wear and tear, so you don’t have to be concerned about your active and playful baby. Should your baby love getting dirty in the playground, the See Kai Run will take care of that because it is also easy to wash. 

The See Kai Run comes with a wide toe box that gives room for growing feet and toes splay. It also features a built-in toe cap which keeps the feet safe and serves as added protection.

Adjustments have been made easy with this walking shoe; it comes with a dual Velcro hook and loop closure to make your baby stay fit. 

The Shoe is great for learning how to walk and run. It features a herringbone outsole which gives added traction and grip during playtime. The traction helps your baby to stay upright, and the built-in toe cap protects their toe from occasional stubs. 


  • Wide Toe Box
  • Double Velcro Closure
  • Synthetic Sole


  • Higher-priced

BOTTOM LINE: A great walking shoe for beginners, with the easy Velcro closure, your baby will learn how to put on their shoes themselves in no time! This walking shoe was professionally designed for ease of use. 

Bukubee Baby offers one of the best innovative designs every parent and caretaker would love to put on their baby’s feet. The genuine leather baby boot is stylish for both baby girls and boys that features a zip that slides up and down. The Bukubee shoe is manufactured with quality premium leather that has passed through the Child Product Certificate lab testing.

Have a look at the features below. 

The Bukubee Baby Zip-on leather baby shoe is available in soft soles or rubber soles. You can also choose between two comfortable linings: soft microfiber or faux-fur interior. The faux fur interior makes the shoe soft to touch and helps to keep the baby’s feet warm. 

The shoe features an open-top design that enables the shoe to unzip and fold to the side. Many parents love this footwear. Some of them even claimed that it’s a lifesaver.

Hear what one of the buyers said about this product:

“I bought two pairs of these for my great-niece who is due in September. She fell in love with them and can’t wait to get her baby to wear them. I also bought two more pairs for other to-be mothers and they love them also!” 


  • Premium Leather Exteriors 
  • Soft Leather Soles
  • Easy Zipper Feature


  • Higher-priced

BOTTOM LINE: You would not regret buying this Bukubee Baby Zip-on leather shoe because it is designed to help your baby improve balance and coordination as they take and enjoy their first walking steps.

Many parents are familiar with the Livie and Luca Molly’s design because of its appeal. The footwear is not just adorable but also made from quality premium leather materials. It is obvious that the end-users were considered when designing the shoe because it is suitable for beginner walkers. 

The Livie and Luca Molly walking shoes come with a bunny face and floppy ears embroidered on the front which makes it unique and adorable. Get this walking shoe for your babies and they would cherish them years after they have outgrown them. Moving on, the shoe also has a breathable upper leather and a leather lining, which provides breathability and promotes healthy foot development. 

The walking shoe features a hook-and-loop closure that makes adjustment easier. The shoe also comes with a padded collar which allows for additional comfort. With the flexible path design, your baby can take their first steps on earth without anything holding them back.

Out of the available options out there, the Livie and Luca Molly surely do have a heart-warming design. This makes them unique in the marketplace. Truly, the combinations are amazing. 


  • Breathable upper leather 
  • Great Bunny Design
  • Padded Collar 


  • Narrow Fit suitable for certain babies only

BOTTOM LINE: You won’t regret your decision if you choose the Livie and Luca Molly walking shoe. It is specially designed to help your baby develop a proper and balanced walking pattern. 

If you are looking for something made of cotton, soft, warm, flexible, and cozy, then you should opt-in for this high-quality baby shoe. The baby shoe comes in different cartoon animal patterns and colors offering you a wide range of selection. Parents usually love the way they look, their cheap price, and ease of care.

The SCOWAY Cartoon Animal Baby Slippers is available in three different sizes for baby, infant, toddles, and little boys/girls from 0 to 36 months of age. 

There is more to this adorable baby product. Let’s get to it!

The baby slipper’s soft and flexible soles have non-skid silicone texture which prevents little ones from falling and slipping. These flexible-soled shoes are perfect for indoor use. The designs feature seven (7) attractive animal styles. 


  • Gender-neutral shoe designs 
  • Skid-proof materials
  • Features 7 cute animal designs


  • Not well-suited for outdoor use

BOTTOM LINE: The SCOWAY Cartoon Animal Baby Slippers simply put is a perfect gift you can give to a newborn baby. The baby slippers are suitable for crawling, walking, and playing.

We hope you can select the best design that works for your child from our list. We also discussed the buying guide which will help you in choosing the right baby walking shoes. All the points discussed will surely assist you with your buying decision. 

When in doubt, all you have to do is check through all the products, the pros, and cons of the walking shoes while you update your shopping shortlist. You can also visit the product page of these shoes on Amazon. We have added the link to each product to make it easier.

Remember, babies grow in a blink of an eye. Always check and update the size to know when it’s time for a new pair of shoes. 


That wraps up our review on the 10 best baby walking shoes for infants and toddlers. As always, we’d love to hear from you about the best baby walking shoes that we’ve chosen here. Tell us about your baby’s experience using them or let us know if you have any additional information.


Happy shopping!

Until next time. See you soon, friends.

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